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Pro Gammarus

Just like our Shrimp Shells these gammarus shells are precut for giving your fly a realistic and easy to tie look. Use a curved hook, add some weight, some dubbing and a rib and you are ready to tie a perfect gammarus imitation in no time – a true killer for both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. We have discovered how important gammarus nymphs are for ex. Scandinavian coastal fishing for seatrout or sea run browns, so a gammarus pattern is a “must-have-in-the-box” pattern when hunting trouts everywhere.

Available in size:
XS = 18 pcs. Fits hook size.14
S = 18 pcs. Fits hook size.12
M = 15 pcs. Fits hook size.10
L = 15 pcs. Fits hook size.8